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How Is Homemade Jam Well Preserved?

Jan. 24, 2019

Many people like to make Blueberry Filling themselves. Not only are they delicious, but they also have a lot of additives. They are more reassuring and safe, but the preservation of jam has become a big problem. It is not well preserved, it is easy to breed bacteria and affect people's health. Here are a few tips to save and retain the taste of fresh jam.

The more sugar you add, the less likely it is to break the jam, but the excess sugar taste is not delicious. In principle, the sugar can not be added more than half the weight of the jam. Within this range, the sweetness that most people can accept is more than It will feel too sweet, so the addition of the right amount of sugar is conducive to the preservation of the jam.

The full cooking of the jam is also conducive to the preservation of the Pineapple Coconut Filling, because the long-term cooking can boil the pectin and taste in the fruit, deeply affecting the taste and taste of the jam, and at the same time, the fruit will inevitably be contaminated with bacteria. Long-term cooking also has a sufficient bactericidal effect to prevent internal spoilage or fermentation when the jam is preserved.

The cans are hot-filled, and the cans are immediately sealed as soon as they are turned off. Then the whole cans are allowed to cool at room temperature and then stored in a refrigerator. Effectively prevents bacteria from falling into the jam.

The choice of the container is also very important. It is best to use a glass container with a lid that can be sealed. It is not easy to release harmful substances because the container is eroded. The lid of the container must also be of acid-resistant material or have an inner surface. Erosion treatment will do.

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