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Food additive manufacturer's flavor enhancer products

May. 07, 2019

Food additive manufacturer's flavor enhancer products

Food additive manufacturer China sell wholesale food additives are multifarious, said this will have to sigh with emotion our human wisdom, only we can not think, we can not do without, today food additive manufacturers to introduce for you is the flavor additive.

Flavor enhancers are substances that supplement, enhance, or improve the original taste or taste of food. Some are called umami or savoury agents.

The flavoring agents permitted in China are sodium glutamate, disodium -guanylate and 5 '-inosine disodium 5' -flavoring disodium nucleate, disodium succinate and l-alanine.

Monosodium glutamate is l-monosodium glutamate containing one molecule of crystal water. Soluble in water, lose crystal water at 150 ℃, 210 ℃ when pyrrolidone, coke glutamic acid formation and decomposition of about 270 ℃. It is stable to light, racemization occurs when heated under alkaline condition, and taste force decreases. When heated under acidic conditions with PH below 5, pyrrolidine ketonization can easily occur and become pyroglutamic acid, resulting in decreased taste. Heating at neutral makes little difference.

Food additive manufacturer China

Glutamate is a low-toxic substance. There is no toxicity problem under normal dosage conditions, and the flavor enhancers of nucleotide series are widely available in various foods. No special rules are required.

Over the years, many meat extracts, yeast extracts, animal protein hydrolysates and plant protein hydrolysates have been developed.

Why is it allowed in China? Because there are many countries are not allowed to use, the country allowed to use these categories in a certain.

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