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[Health Food Colouring For Sale China]What are the principles of color protectors in food additives?

May. 15, 2019

What are the principles of color protectors in food additives?

Color protectant is also a common type of food additives. However, if we do not pay more attention to it, it may be difficult to find, I believe that many of you are not familiar with this food additive, so today we invited food additive wholesale manufacturer to introduce the hair color principle and function of the protectors for us.

 Protective agents also known as hair color agent. Health Food Colouring Supplier points that in the process of food processing, in order to improve or protect the color of food, in addition to the use of pigments directly on the food coloring, sometimes also need to add the right amount of color protectant, so that the products appear good color and luster.

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Hair color principle and other functions of color protectors:

Protect color effect, in order to make meat products bright red, in the process of adding more nitrate (sodium or potassium) or nitrite. Nitrate is reduced to nitrite under the action of bacterial nitrate reductase. Nitrite forms nitrite under acidic conditions. At room temperature, nitrite (NO) can also be produced by decomposition. At this time, the generated nitrite will quickly react with myoglobin to generate stable, bright and bright red nitrite myoglobin. So that the meat can remain stable and bright.

(2) bacteriostasis: nitrite in meat products, to inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms have a certain role.

Protect color agent basically is to protect color and the action that restrain bacterium, this kind of food additive also can be used in food, but also be having certain level, put the content that exceeds bid to also be not allowed.