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Method To Make Lemon Filling Jam

Mar. 14, 2019

Lemon Filling Jam

1. Raw materials: 1 lemon, 30g sugar, 100ML water, 10g lemon flavor

2. Peel the lemon with a knife and cut it into small cubes. Note that the white part under the peel should also be cleaned, otherwise the jam will taste bitter and astringent

3. Put the lemon cubes into the cooking machine, add water and beat until smooth

4. Pour the beaten fruit juice into the milk pot and heat it (if you don't like the fruit pulp in the jam, you can filter the juice again and then pour it into the pot and heat it, but personally I think it is better to have the pulp fiber, so I don't filter it). Boil it until it boils

Lemon Filling Jam

5. The Lemon Filling Jam Fruit Essence must be added to the pot and mixed evenly, or other fruit powder can be used instead, as long as it is yellow, it is ok to add this just to make the color of the finished product look better, if not pay attention to appearance, this step can be omitted, because it is healthier to add no pigment

6. Turn off the heat and pour it into a clean sterilized glass bottle. Let it cool completely