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How to Distinguish Matcha Powder and Green Tea Powder?

Jun. 17, 2019

  We often use a kind of raw materials in baking, that is, Matcha Powder. Of course, when you encounter the dessert made by Matcha, you will definitely fall in love with it. Many people will have a lot of questions. Such as, is the matcha powder green tea powder? The answer is of course no, as a professional Health Food Colouring Supplier, today I will tell you the difference between matcha powder and green tea powder.

Matcha Powder

Matcha Powder

  1. What is matcha powder?

  The raw material of Matcha is “milled tea”, that is, the shed is added to the tea garden one month before the tea is harvested. The buds of the tea are picked and harvested in about 20 days. After the tea leaves are removed by distillation, the tea is dried. Grinding into a very fine powder with stone, the emerald green powder after completion is the matcha.

  2. What is green tea powder?

  Green tea powder is an ultra-fine powder of green tea, which is green, delicate, nutritious, healthy and natural. By using ultra-fine powder grinding equipment and instant constant low-temperature processing, the green tea powder keeps the natural green color and nutrients, pharmacological ingredients. In addition to direct drinking, the green tea powder can be widely used in green tea cake, green tea bread, green tea noodles, green tea biscuits, green tea tofu, green tea milk, green tea ice cream, frozen green tea dumplings, green tea yogurt, green tea candy, green tea chocolate, green tea seeds, green tea moon cake fillings, medicines and health products, cosmetics, household chemicals, etc. Those many functions of green tea powders can strengthen its nutritional and health benefit to meet the public's appeal.

  3. The difference between matcha powder and green tea powder

  ①Color: matcha is dark green because it is covered with steaming green; green tea powder is grass green.

  ②Taste: matcha does not suffer from bitterness; green tea powder is slightly bitter.

  ③Scent: matcha presents seaweed and eucalyptus aroma; green tea powder presents green grass aroma.

  ④Fineness: matcha powder has a fineness of more than 6,000 mesh (2 micrometers), and it can be applied to the back of the hand to enter the pores; green tea powder is about 100-300 mesh, much thicker than matcha.

  ⑤Ingredients: matcha powder: tea polyphenols, amino acids, chlorophyll, aromatic substances, cellulose, caffeine, vitamin C, E and beta carotene; green tea powder: caffeine, polyphenols (catechins), vitamins, minerals elements, amino acids, other

  ⑥Price: matcha’s price is nearly 100 times that of green tea powder. The price of ordinary tea powder and matcha is very different.