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Source of natural pigment

May. 29, 2019

Source of natural pigment

Health Food Colouring Supplier shares that natural pigment is food pigment obtained from natural resources. Pigment mainly extracted from animal and plant tissues and microorganisms (culture), most of which are vegetable colorants. Natural pigments not only have the function of coloring food, but also, quite a few natural pigments have physiological activity.

Natural pigments generally come from natural ingredients, such as beet red, grapes and peppers, which have been recognized and accepted by consumers. Therefore, natural pigments from these food sources are more popular and safer to use. Much of it comes from plant pigments.

Because some products use natural pigments, their appearance is less artificial, so they are closer to the natural form, thus attracting more consumers. Today, in the European Union, natural pigments are taking over not only the market for synthetic pigments, but also for some pigment extracts.

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