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How To Tell Matcha Powder From Green Tea Powder?

Mar. 25, 2019

How To Tell Matcha Powder From Green Tea Powder?

The difference between matcha powder (Matcha Powder For Ice Cream )and green tea powder can be simply determined by 3 points. However, if the raw material manufacturer adds spices, food coloring or suspension, it is difficult to directly distinguish the authenticity. Therefore, only the preliminary judgment method is provided:

1.Appearance distinguish

The main concept, the same raw materials, stone mortar made of finished products than the wind mill or roller stone grinding fresh green. But as for the finished product, there is no way to directly determine that "the greener the color, the better the grade".

Season, planting method, producing area, variety, grade, storage condition, etc.

Organic matcha, for example, is generally less green than non-organic matcha because of growing conditions. For example, some places have strong sunshine, although the color is green, but also strong bitter taste, grade is not high. In addition, even if the same matcha, bubble strong point, bubble light point, cup color, illumination is different, the color will be different.

In general, consumers should not use color to make absolute judgments.

2.Resolution after soaking

The actual test shows that the top Matcha Powder For Beverage will start to settle after about 30 minutes of standing. At present, there is no finished product whose grinding particles are fine enough to be suspended permanently.

The rate of settling depends on the fineness of the abrasive particles. It has nothing to do with the place of origin. As long as the grinding particles of Taiwan green tea are fine enough, it is not a problem that the falling speed is the same as matcha.

Matcha Powder For Ice Cream

3.Flavor to distinguish

Orthodox matcha with light seaweed fragrance, bitter taste light, but not the absolute basis for judgment. A large part of matcha's rating depends on its flavor. Compared with low grade matcha, high grade matcha does have strong aroma and low bitterness.

As mentioned above, raw material quality is the most important factor. Raw material sweet won't be bitter, raw material bitter also grind not sweet.

And some consumers will think tea rhyme, also can judge whether as one of "matcha" basis, but also is not completely accurate, from tea varieties, processing method, planted in a different way, taste is completely different, just like the difference of lemon and orange, who high who stubbornly than low no substantial meaning, simple is not