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[Food additive supplier]Keep food additives in perspective

Jun. 03, 2019

We should keep food additives in perspective.

Many people have a certain misunderstanding of food additives, think that food additives are harmful to the human body, in fact, this idea is very one-sided, Food Additives Factory China would like to share us to treat food additives correctly.

1. The role of food additives: the rational use of food additives can prevent food spoilage, maintain or enhance the nutrition of food, improve or enrich the color, aroma, taste of food, etc.

2. The necessity of using food additives: the fact that there is a greater risk of not using preservatives is due to the fact that bad food often causes diseases of food poisoning. In addition, preservatives can not only prevent food spoilage, but also kill tromycin bacteria and other toxic microorganisms, which is undoubtedly beneficial to human health.

3. Safety and dosage of food additives: the dosage of food additives without any toxic effects or adverse effects on health shall be expressed by the daily intake quality (mg) per kilogram, referring to the national standard for food safety for the use of food additives.

4. Do not use toxic additives.

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