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What Is Premixed Powder?

Nov. 13, 2018

The baking Premixes Powder is essentially different from the single material in the general sense. It is a compound semi-finished product that contains some baking technology content in the form of compound powder. It contains highly advanced cutting-edge technologies such as physics, chemistry, and biology, but it is presented to the baking staff in a very common form and simple and popular form. It is not a raw material in the general sense. Premixed powder is a professional way for manufacturers to mix many complex food materials to reduce the professionalism, technicality and failure rate of production.

Simplicity is the biggest aim of premixed powder. In the mass production of the central food factory, the premixed powder is suitable for continuous production to increase production. The simple and direct production method of the premixed powder allows the workshop production staff to simplify the production process and achieve the stability of product quality.

Features of ready-mixed powder:

(1) Improve the efficiency of personnel learning and increase the technical development space.

(2) Reduce production failure rate and cost loss.

(3) Increase efficiency and increase production.

(4) The production department can be easily managed, and high-level technicians can manage it more easily and improve production efficiency.

(5) Increase the value of the products of the products, increase the space for sale, and make the marketing business break through the bottleneck and take a big step.

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