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Seasoning Pigment

Apr. 12, 2019

Seasoning Pigment:

1.Tomato red pigment

This product supplied by Health Food Colouring Supplier is used in tomato sauce and tomato sauce. The tomato sauce and tomato sauce added with this product are naturally bright red tomato color. This product is heat resistant, light resistant, not affected by acid or alkali, easy to use.

2. Red pigment sauce

This product is water-soluble red pigment with good coloring power, light resistance and heat resistance, easy to use, safe and non-toxic. It is mainly used in hot sauce, soy sauce, ketchup and other sauces.

3. Golden yellow pigment

This product is applied to the coloring of high-grade soy sauce to improve the golden color index of soy sauce. It can be used in combination with red pigment or bright red pigment of soy sauce to achieve better effect. It can make the color of soy sauce appear brown-red with golden background, bright color, not fading, not turning black.

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4. Pepper essence

Chilli essence is extracted from red chilli, with high spiciness, stable color and good quality. It is mainly used in chili oil, chili sauce, chili sauce, spicy beancurd, seasoning and so on.

5. Chili red pigment

Capsaicin supplied from China Food Additive Manufacturer is a natural pigment extracted, separated and refined from high-quality capsaicin by scientific method. Mainly used in red hot sauce, chili sauce, pickles, ketchup, seasoning and so on.

6. Curcumin

The turmeric pigment of our company is water-soluble, oil-soluble and degreased turmeric powder. The product has good solubility, strong coloring power, light resistance and heat resistance. It is widely used in food industry, mainly used in curry sauce, chicken essence, pickles and chicken flavoring oil.