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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Making Homemade Jam?

Jan. 21, 2019

First, it is best not to use iron pan or aluminum pan.

It is best not to use a wok or an aluminum pan for the Strawberry Filling Jam , because the fruit acid in the fruit is easily chemically reacted with iron after being heated, resulting in the final jam becoming black. Jams in aluminum pans will also change color, and will cause more aluminum to enter the jam. Eating more of this jam is not good for health.

Second, the key to making jam is sugar.

Adding sugar to the jam is not only to increase the sweetness, but more importantly, to make the moisture in the fruit ooze out and increase the viscosity; if the amount of sugar is insufficient, the shelf life of the jam is greatly reduced.

Third, in the process of boiling the Lemon Filling Jam , you can add the right amount of lemon, the pectin and acid in the lemon will help the coagulation of the jam.

Fourth, the best way to make jam is to use medium to high heat or medium heat. Regardless of the type of fruit jam, the fruit is processed in the early stage, and the sugar is added to make the water in the fruit fully exude, and then boiled until it is thick. Use medium-high fire or medium-fire to prevent the bottom of the paste. If the fire is cooked for too long, the color and flavor of the fruit will change.

Fifth, the preservation method and time of the jam. Dry the prepared jam to 80 degrees and put it into a thoroughly sterilized container. The height should not exceed the bottleneck. Tighten the lid and place it in the refrigerating room for up to one year. After opening, try to be in two. After eating in the week, use a small spoon to dig each time.

Lemon Filling Jam