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What is genetically modified food?

Apr. 29, 2019

What is genetically modified food?

To understand what genetically modified food is, we must first understand the basic concepts of gene and transgenic technology.

Pineapple Coconut Filling Supplier shares that living things on the earth include animals, plants and microorganisms. There are a large number of them, a great variety of species and forms, and their living environment and habits are different. All of them are controlled by genes. "You reap what you sow, you reap what you sow" is a high generalization of this phenomenon, that is, the biological characteristics and characteristics of species are determined by genes and can be inherited. A gene code is a fragment of an amino acid, and the function of the protein determines the characteristics of the organism.

The so-called transgenic technology is the use of modern biotechnology, the desired target gene, after artificial separation, recombination, introduction and integration into the organism genome, so as to improve the original biological traits or give it new good traits. In addition to the transfer of new exogenous genes, the genetic characteristics of organisms can be changed through the processing, knockout, screening and other methods to obtain the desired traits. The main processes of transgenic technology include cloning of exogenous genes, construction of expression vectors, establishment of genetic transformation system, screening of genetic transformation bodies, genetic stability analysis and backcross transfer.

Genetically modified food refers to food produced and processed with genetically modified organisms or fresh food. According to the source of raw materials, genetically modified food can be divided into plant source genetically modified food, animal source genetically modified food and microbial source genetically modified food. For example, soybean products such as soybean oil, tofu and soy sauce made from genetically modified soybeans, fresh genetically modified papaya, and cheese made from genetically modified microorganisms are all genetically modified foods.

The current development of the most common trait is insect-resistant transgenic plants and the resistance to herbicides, there are some other characteristics of transgenic plants, such as genetically modified papaya ring spot disease resistance, improve the lysine content, cysteine content of genetically modified corn, resistant storage of tomato, contain - 3 transgenic rapeseed and soybean, reduce the transgenic tobacco nicotine content, improve the content of beta carotene (vitamin A former) of golden rice, change color and the prolonging of carnation flower shelf life.

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